Trusting the flow of life – 02/11

Trusting the flow of life – 02/12/2011

At the thought of the flow of life, what comes to mind is our individual ‘daily grind’ and our routines, daily rituals and events of our lives. This is all well and good, and you may think you are managing the flow of your life quite well but, there is in fact a difference between MAKING your own flow in life and FOLLOWING the natural flow of life. In today’s society, most of us are controlling, managing and planning what happens, where we go and who we see. This is natural, we have evolved this way, we are all human and we have been conditioned to ‘fend for ourselves’. Although, through this constant uphill battle we all face, there is a greater flow at work. This natural flow is always in place and it is the flow of the Universe. I’m sure we all know that there are Universal laws which can’t be escaped and are always in action. By the existence of these laws, we create our own daily events and happenings in our lives. Your thoughts (conscious and subconscious) have conditioned you to act and react in certain ways. For instance, if you have had failed relationships, one after the other, you may develop a subconscious affirmation and perception that nothing good can come of a relationship for you. This affects you choices and interactions with everyone around you and changes the course of your life, due to those choices you make. To let go of the misconceptions that lie within your deepest consciousness, is the key to stop these from ruling your actions which result in the daily outcome of your life. One needs to acknowledge, accept, forgive and take action. Remember, we are all human, everyone does it and everyone has these little demons that affect us so greatly. The point is to change that to allow you to experience life by being uninfluenced by emotional noise and unnecessary thoughts. Dig deep, let go and change. Only then will you be able to take on the natural flow of the Universe and welcome the greater sense of balance into your life without constantly struggling to correct wrongs, control and manage the on goings of your life. After all , you have created them, with the help of the Universal laws in place 😉 Establish that greater flow in your life and find yourself gracefully riding the natural waves. Stop sabotaging yourself (unknowingly) and allow yourself to act on your core feelings which are true and informed. You have these within you already, just scrape off the nasty influences you hold to be true to welcome a greater flow into your life. Trust the natural flow.

 Brightest blessings,

Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counsellor

Port Elizabeth

+27 71 89 39 034



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Isabelle Meiring
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 10:57:36

    The methaphysical cause for anxiety is ‘not being able to trust the flow and process of life’.
    It’s everywhere.. and withnin you. Accept and love this part and nasty pattern within you, then let go and feel the flow of freedom and focus.


  2. TheTaoOfD
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 01:24:36

    Great post Isabelle! I like how deep you get throughout the posts. You know how to express your point very well. I really liked it! You have to de-program to re-program!


  3. ahumanistsperspective
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 11:25:16

    What awesome insight. You are spot on Isabelle, our conditioned state is really the only challenge we face. And there are so many influences hostile to and contrary to our original nature. Thank you for a beautiful post!!


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