Karmic release – 14/01

Karmic release – 14/01

I have decided to share something that I, myself, experienced one day during my holiday over the festive season (On that note, I must apologize for my absence and not updating this blog as frequently – but be warned, I am back in the fullest of force in all love and light!).

I have always suggested performing a karmic release to many of my clients, and have excitedly done so for them. I have been blessed enough to see them reap the benefits in front of my own eyes and see the drastic and positive changes in their lives due this release. Although, for some reason, the thought never occurred to me to do a karmic release on myself. (Blinded by the light!)

Definition of ‘karma’
1. (noun) karma
(Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person’s actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation.
– Princeton’s WordNet
1. (noun) karma
one’s acts considered as fixing one’s lot in the future existence. (Theos.) The doctrine of fate as the inflexible result of cause and effect; the theory of inevitable consequence.
– Webster Dictionary
1.  karma
the unbroken sequence, according to the Theosophists, of cause and effect, in which every effect is regarded the cause of the next.

-The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Now, we all understand karma in our own way and refer to it when we ‘misplace’ and eventually lose that 20 rand note somewhere and we remember that we ignored the bum on the street the other day and didn’t help him with a coin or two … more than once. This is a basic example and is almost wrong but, for now, it’s all we need to work with. Karma is most definitely not only accumilated and returned in this physical life, but in many before and many after. Whether you believe in past lives or not, my dearest friend, it is nothing less than true. The soul is old. Your soul is (probably) old. Older than your “Earth number” years that you’ve been alive with this certain identity.

“The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy.” – Oscar Wilde


Have you ever had something happen to you (good or bad) that has made you ask yourself, “Why did this happen? I’ve done nothing to deserve this. Why?” and so on and so forth? I’m certain you have. Well, it may have been the effect (in the cycle of cause and effect) of karma accumulated in this life, or more likely a previous one. This is why we can’t see the reason for a situation happening to us, since past life recall isn’t exactly something we go out of our way to practice every day.

When a karmic release is done, you become free of the chains you have created for yourself in the past (this life or the previous) and truly become the author of your own destiny and be able to control what happens to you. Obviously we all have thousands of little karmic circles, be it the bum on the road that “made” us lose our 20 rand, or breaking a leg, because in some previous life were a carriage driver in the 1800s and hit a man in the road and broke his leg. Karma doesn’t judge. It is a universal law. Cause and effect. Whether it is a big cause, or tiny (insignificant seeming) one, it will have an equal effect. Once you release yourself from that which binds you to these causes and effects, you become free and are able to really live, without the effects popping up to mess your plans or your goals. Remember that it applies to good and bad karma.

The metaphysics of karma work in a never ending cycle (unless it is released) of cause and effect, cause and effect. Dave hurts Sarah, then Sarah hurts Dave because he hurt her (whether in this life or the next). Dave hurts Sarah in the previous life, then Sarah, for what may be an unknown reason to her, hurts Dave (in another shape, way or form of a man in the same situation). After this, Dave hurts Sarah in the next life, because he knows she has hurt him, or he feels she is about to (intuition comes into play). This vicious cycle does not end until it is broken or released.

There are two ways to break the certain circle of a karmic cause and effect:

1)      Dave could decide to be enlightened by the universal karmic law and see that Sarah has hurt him and then, in turn, refuses to hurt her back and become a channel for her and his own karmic cycle in this specific situation. He refuses to carry it on, and then forgives Sarah. This has now broken the cycle of this karmic effect.

2)      Sarah could see that Dave is about to hurt her or has hurt her and wonders why. It then occurs to her, that she must have hurt Dave in a previous life and accepts that she deserves it. By accepting that you deserve something, and acknowledging that it exists and refuse to carry on the cycle, you break it and set yourself free.


The key is to genuinely FEEL that you have done something (good or bad) to deserve this effect of the cause and refuse to carry it on, through accepting it and moving forward. The universal law, then breaks.


This is an extremely simple example, but it is nevertheless a perfect one.

Dearest friend, sit down and really look at your past experiences and situations. Things that have happened to you and things that you thought you could not control. These things may hurt when you think about it, but once you accept that it was the effect of good or bad karma and you did cause it, you can then make a conscious decision to discontinue it.


I performed this on myself for about an hour, sifting through all the good and bad bits of my life until now, and my word! Ever since then, I feel I am free of the ropes that bound me to my previous actions and I can truly form my own destiny now, quicker than ever, because these effects don’t pop up once the cycle is broken. It gives you peace once you have also dealt with certain situations that you have been holding onto and serves as a real and full release of even your own emotions towards these things in your past.

Choose to not be bound, choose to understand and accept. Choose knowledge and choose your freedom. Because THAT is what you really deserve, isn’t it?



All my love and brightest blessings,

Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counselor

Port Elizabeth

+27 71 89 39 034





Tarot meditation reading – 14/12

Tarot meditation reading – Wednesday – 14/12/2011
Resources – (The Magician)
“Your energy is your basic resource. Your sexuality is a large part of your energy system. If you are in a destructive relationship, pick up your power and leave now. Next, look at everything around you, get rid of things that interfere with your dreams. Acquire what you need. Be aware that what you need is probably already at hand. Take stock of your resources and use them wisely.”
I’m sure I can safely say that everyone has plans, goals, dreams and things they want to acquire – eventually. This is, of course, natural and also very healthy. Without this vision and sight into what we want for our own life, we would be doing things aimlessly and wondering around without direction or reason. The only way is forward, and like my mother always says, “Don’t look into the past, unless you’re planning to go there!”.
The reason for having these aspirations and plans, is for us to acquire what we need along the way to actually get what we want or to where we want to be. These goals exist, because you don’t have what you need – right NOW. If you did, you would’ve gone through with your plans and achieved your goal, naturally. What if I told you that you already have what you need and you could’ve done it AGES ago? Well, yes, I just told you. We are so concerned with HOW we are going to get there and WHAT we need in order to do so, that we forget what we HAVE. Instead of searching outward, look a little bit closer to yourself, your capabilities and your surroundings.
You have planted your seed to begin on your way to your goal. Whether it was 5 weeks ago or 5 years ago, it is still there, you just need to nurture it, water it, and watch it grow. If this isn’t done, well, it just sits there in the soil waiting, doing nothing, while you go out on a wild goose chase to find food, water and sunshine for it! The point I’m trying to make here, friend, is that you MOST DEFINATELY have useful resources of your own, to get you to your goal faster than waiting around for it.
We are often too hard on ourselves and forget our own capabilities and what we already HAVE. Give yourself a hug, kiss and pat on the back. We are all guilty of seeing farther rather than what’s right in front of us. So, look around you, look within you, ponder on what you HAVE and what you can USE. Get rid of everything that is tampering with your dreams and goals, and surround yourself with all you need to feed your aspirations. Once you have had a little thinking done, you will be amazed at how much you have, you will probably kick yourself for not seeing it! Open your eyes and mind, trash what no longer serves you positively, and rediscover your resources and capabilities. It’s all you, and it’s all there waiting for you to use it!
Brightest blessings,
Isabelle Meiring
Holistic therapist and Spiritual counsellor
Port Elizabeth
+27 71 89 39 034

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