The SPIRIT element – excerpt from her new book BE Human – 12/03

“I am a circle within a circle, with no beginning and neverending”


There is, after these four elements, a fifth element. I won’t be going into it in detail or in the same manner as I have done with Earth, Air, Fire and Water because, the fifth element can’t be harnessed or even seen in such a way, physically. However, it really is a ‘beautiful’ thing.


The thought of the fifth element, started long before most of the larger civilizations established themselves, I am certain. Although, today it is seen as having begun with Aristotle. Yes, the very much loved and equally as much debated, old Totle. He had realized the idea among the public that the celestial realm was made of a fifth element, Ether, which is not found here in our sub lunar world.


Now, this element is commonly known as Spirit or Ether. I prefer Spirit, but still today i refer to the spheres of space up high in the air as ‘the Ethers’. This theory shocked many, as the number four is a stable, constant, familiar number of order. A compass has four cardinal points, a room has four walls, buildings are made up just about completely of right angles, producing a square or rectangle once again. Our language has included it in our every day words such as rectangle, regular, regulation, ruler, right, regiment and so on and on. So, when this so-called ‘fifth element’ came into play, it was certainly a shock to ‘the system’.


What needs to be taken into account and contemplated, is that this order of four goes no further than the physical and material realm. So, in addition to these four, there must be something more, not material, but spiritual. When you look at us lovely little humans, we have our bodily functions and our material existence, we have amazing minds and brains that make our actual movement possible. But, beyond this we, of course, have a soul and a spirit, agree? We are able to have notions, feelings and thoughts without having to be defined by them. Like I’ve said before, to understand your own body, look at the systems in nature, and to understand nature, look at the systems in your own body.


Since the Spirit element possesses no material form, just as our own spirit wouldn’t, it also possesses a vastness that takes hours, days, years, centuries and eons to really comprehend. Spirit is everywhere. It is in the trees, plants, animals, mountains, rivers and has no end and no beginning. It is in the never ending cosmos above and around our Earth. Spirit is in everything, and even more than that.


Ever think about adages like, “You’ve got spirit!” or “He is extremely spirited.”, even “She is a very spiritual person.”? Spirit is in you, throughout you, around you and also beyond your physical existence.


To many of you, the pentacle would seem like a religious symbol and, because it resembles the pentagram, some think it is even evil. This is a very big misconception which I have been trying to set right to the public for the majority of my life! The pentacle was formed by opening the fourfold cross into a fivefold pentacle to include this amazing fifth element. So, please, people, the pentacle is only a symbol of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. It’s graceful, true, unfailing and unforgettably in everything we know to exist. That includes you and me, dear friend.


It is essential to, in all of your workings, remember the fifth element, as it is the point from which everything forms its existence. Although, keep in mind not to throw it in the same basket with the other four natural elements. It is treated and thought of differently.


Spirit has no correspondences because, everything can be opened to Spirit. Although, I have listed a few points below as a summary to best keep the mind on track and to easily be able to comprehend its vastness and beauty.


Direction: Centre, circumference, in, through, throughout and over


Time: Beyond time, it is all one


Season: The turning wheel of all the seasons


Sense: Hearing


Colours: White, clear, black, purple





Brightest blessings,



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