Hi dear friend,

Thank you for taking interest in my blog and myself. I hope it has brightenend up some days for you and brought a few smiles to your face and heart along the way.


I am a spiritual counsellor and holistic therapist. I do Reiki, energy healing, all types of massage, gemstone, crystal therapy, rune readings, tarot redaings and offer spiritual counselling to anyone who ever feels the need. I am an artist of sorts as well, I paint rather upifting stuff that is more on the spiritual and pagan side of imagery. I will be sure to upload them some time. I reside in South Africa, Port Elizabeth and run my own business from my cosy home to welcome one and all!

I decided to start this blog so that just about anyone, not only my clients, could gain insight on the true simplicity of life and how it is meant to be lived. Yes, we are all chained to the human condition, but that does not mean we have to act as such 🙂 My posts move away from the common perception of things and sheds light on various aspects of life and facts to bring about motivation for a more harmoniuos spirit within everyone that follows it. Everyone needs to be reminded of how incredibly intricate and amazing they truly are.

One of the biggest messages in everything I post as well as advise my clients on, would be that we have a zillion doors within us to achieve and do anything we want, and we have the keys as well. The great thing is, we can never lose these keys – they are always there and we just need to match up the right ones to the rigt doors and turn the key – and voile!

It has been forgotten the impact and influence the natural world has on us and what we are really made up of. We have separated ourselves from the earth over centuries, and this is devastatingly true. What needs to be done is rebuilding that relationship we have with everything (including ourselves) and remembering our roots. This promotes flow and harmony, inviting miracles into your life daily and constantly! Amazing, isn’t it?

The Urban gardens is a domain and establishment dedicated to my work and the involvement i have with holistic healing and living. Please do check it out at www.theurbangardens.co.za and add  yourself as a member on facebook as well to be the first to know of updates and changes.

I have many little courses (online ebooks and in person) and am always up for  a chat or to lend a helping hand.

Look out for my book B.E human (B.E = Biological Enlightenment) coming out next year in June. It’s a lovely informative funny book.

So, please do follow the blog and leave your comments, they won’t go unanswered 🙂

Brightest blessings to you,

Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counsellor

Port Elizabeth

+27 71 89 39 034




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chante
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 20:11:21

    Good evening my dear.

    Im looking for someone that will be able to help me with spiritual healing please. If u are such a person, can u please contact me.

    Chante Kleyn
    078 227 6572


    • Isabelle Meiring
      Jul 13, 2013 @ 15:27:13

      Hi Chante,

      Lovely to hear from you, and yes, I hope I’m able to assist. I’m certain you’ve contacted me by divine purpose, because this website is extremely old and I haven’t visited it in over a year I think! (I was actually under the impression I closed it down.)

      So, we definitely have some journeys and work to do here, I’m sure.

      I do all types of counselling for adults, and have recently opened for children as well, and privately I do more deep spiritual work for people who do ask it of me.

      Whats seems to be hindering you?

      My number: 074 269 3359

      Blessings and love to you and yours, Isabelle.

      074 269 3359 isabellemeiring@gmail.com http://www.ocean-minded.moonfruit.com


  2. sandra
    Jan 26, 2014 @ 08:47:58

    I very interested in healing from within . Hw can I get in touch with you. My spirtual guides brought me to you. Please help


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