– Energy & Crystal Healing basics  – one day mini course

–          Understanding the energy body

–          Chakra fields

–          Natural influences

–          Visualization techniques

–          Crystal properties and use

–          Herbal oil uses & properties

–          Practical application

Join me for a short, enjoyable, informative study course on these holistic practices in a cozy, comfortable and friendly environment.

Duration:  3–4 hours (unless extended)

– Massage classes -One day mini course

–          Swedish full body

–          Movement and sequence

–          Understanding meridians & effects

–          Practical therapy

Come join me in a relaxing environment if you’ve ever wanted to learn this rewarding art for a short, informative and fun day.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours (unless extended)

– Tarot reading classes – one day mini course

This one day Tarot reading class is taught using a deck (Carol Bridges – Medicine woman) that is focused on uplifting and guiding the individual. It does not belong to any religion, philosophy or spirituality but, rather uses the natural elements and their influences on our daily lives to assist the individual on the path to creating a life of beauty, success, reverence and nobility.

– Minor and major Arcana

– Understanding suits

– Individual interpretation

– Influences of layout and intent

Join me for a lovely few hours to learn this ancient and wonderful skill for your own knowledge, in a friendly, one-on-one environment.

Duration: 2 hours (unless extended)

– Rune reading classes – one day mini course

– Rune symbology

– Rune meanings

– Different Aette’s

– Understanding each Rune’s significance

– Personal interpretation

– Influential properties in daily life

Come join me to gain knowledge of how to go about perfecting this ancient Norse practice in a comfortable, cosy setting for a fun and informative couple of hours.

Duration: 2 hours (unless extended)


All classes will be available for purchase as handbooks via the online store soon!


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