Short description

Since the dawn of mankind, we have forgotten how to truly BE. BE Human discusses in extensive detail how to live a harmonious, stress and disease free existence by inviting the natural world into your life.It seems that through all the modern day hustle-bustle, we have lost control. Real control. We can be in control, by creating a natural existence entwined with our only home, Earth.

B.E Human challenges the common thoughts and perception of what it is to be human and live on our amazing planet. It consists of chapter titles such as, “What ARE we?”, “Chakras”, “Finding and maintaining your equilibrium”, “The elements”, “Crystals” and more. This book walks you through how to live in harmony with the natural world (which we have forgotten how to do!) and weave small miracles in your life by doing so. Anyone can relate and have few laughs in between.

Author biography

Isabelle Meiring is a holistic therapist and spiritual counsellor which owns and runs her own small business in the seaside city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. She is eclectic and always up to lend a helping hand and convey the true message of how life in it’s forgotten simplicity is meant to be lived. So, after a few months of putting pen to paper, B.E Human came to life!



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