The WATER element – excerpt from her new book BE Human – 09/03



v  Cool, moist.


v  Direction: West


v  Represents creativity, regeneration, self exploration, movement, healing, feeling, emotions, flexibility, cleansing, receptivity, subconscious, inspiration


v  Chakra: Sacral (and Throat by association)

Water, oh, lovely, swishing, running Water. I have a feeling of serenity and calm “washing” over me, just at the thought of it. This element is used by each of us in our daily lives, yet taken so for granted and it’s mysteries have been easily forgotten. No one soul can argue the effect that Water has on us humans, be it within our bodies, or outside, over our skin. Air and Water together, are the duo of elemental matter that make up our needs to exist.


Our bodies are made up of between 60% and 78% of Water (depending on where you live, climate, how much you drink or don’t drink). This alone, is enough reason to really contemplate the vast qualities, urgency and mystery of this element. Water, among other elements, serves as a true binder which connects us to many of the other elements. It is an element of substance and great power over the human mind and body. Without it, we would literally seize to exist. Every living thing on this graceful planet needs Water to function. And it is no wonder that it contains part Oxygen – this already shows how interwoven Air and Water are on our planet, an ever present necessity to life.


Water is linked to the emotions, the changing tides if the ocean mimicking the ebb and flow of our feelings. It has the power to cleanse and renew, regeneration, to be transformed. Unlike Fire, which transforms, Water demands to be transformed, and as it wishes, it is always changing. It doesn’t destroy, only influences, by regenerating all that wishes to do so. Water is also the only element that can take on all three forms of gas, liquid and solid, which only confirms its ability to renew and change.

Not only this, but as it’s corresponding direction is West, the home of the setting Sun, it represents endings making way for the new. Renewal.


Water is the spring of life, as it represents the feminine aspects of nurturing, healing and emotion. Also creativity because, the womb is the creator of life, and so the womb and reproductive organs are linked to the Sacral Chakra, which is governed by this element.

Within each living thing, is the natural craving to create, to make new, to give birth to ideas and inspiration.

You can’t deny the feeling you have after a swim in the ocean, a bath, a shower or a dip in the pool. Think about how you would feel for a moment. Got it? O.K. Feelings of release, renewal, cleansing, healing and lightness wash over us when in the presence of Water. It is as motherly as a lioness over her cub, a perfect image of maternity. And she does nurture and heal – always.


Water stands for moving and for changing because, we all know if Water stands still, it will rot and attract slime, insects and remain almost ‘dead’. Water is meant to be ever moving and never stagnant, just we are meant to be. The flowing of it and the constant rearranging it goes through, as well as the natural desire to overflow, to increase, are also of Water’s unmeasurable strength.





Water is most commonly seen as liquid, and this is where you see most of its traits embodied – in the effects of its movements alone. As it is the most common liquid matter around on Earth, many think of it as representing the mother of all liquid matters and substances. It is the primal liquid, which has stayed with us loyally, despite us taking it for granted.

Even in different shapes and forms of gas, liquid and solid, its transformation always retains its basic elemental properties and its internal structure. In its natural state, Water can be found salty in seas, dams and oceans, usually undrinkable for most humans. Otherwise, fresh, derived from most mountains, springs and wells – the type of water each living thing requires. Fresh water is found in wells or in rivers.

Water is an unpredictable element, because it is so vast. It can rage and cause death and destruction upon those living near open seas and Waters but, simultaneously,  it also gives life and continues supporting it.
Water is in physical form one of the things you need to survive. It’s something that you quickly realize you have had too much of or when you are lacking it completely (headaches, dry skin, the list never ends!).

Water, in small proportions, actually, even in open waters, works in harmony with each of the other elements in a most mysterious way. When the Sun is out, Water can disappear in no time on a hot day in front of your eyes. It evaporates into vapour or gas which is carried by the wind, to the clouds, where it then slowly takes on liquid form once more. So that when the Earth gets to hot, or Fire becomes too dominant and destructive, the clouds release the Water which falls down back onto Earth and into the rivers and seas, to balance out the climate again. This explanation of balancing Fire and Water will be brought up in a moment. The heat of Fire seems to represent the natural elemental enemy of Water, as it is forever balancing it out. Water can extinguish Fire and  Fire is able make Water evaporate.

Water is an element with two faces, just as we are – when it comes to our emotions, I mean! It can wreck havoc or support life, cleanse and nurture. Doesn’t that sound familar to the human traits and emotions, friend? Very much so, I think.

There are many ways in which Water can be seen, as it has various froms and states of matter but, the physical items, places and things that correspond with it are just about endless. Here are a few:

v  Seas

v  Oceans

v  Lakes

v  Dams

v  Rivers

v  Streams

v  Running/moving Water (Showers, baths, pools, Jacuzzis)

v  Still standing Water (if replaced duly)

v  Waterfalls

v  Water features

v  Fish

v  Dolphins

v  Whales

v  Seaweed

v  Cups

v  Bowls

v  Barrels

v  Chalices

v  Water corresponding stones and crystals, such as Aquamarine and Turquoise.


Colours that correspond with Water are:


v  Blue

v  Indigo

v  Green

v  Aqua

v  Silver

v  Purple



Now that the physical matter of the element of Water has been listed and is now fully acknowledged, we can go on to look at how the matter of Water corresponds with our bodies mentally, emotionally and physically.


As we now know, Water corresponds with our Sacral Chakra (beneath your Navel, just above your pubic bone), it effects the emotions, feelings and the amazing ability to create and give birth (don’t worry all you men, I mean metaphorically and not only physically!)

Many a cultures see Water as the source of all. Water, to all humans, means surviving or not surviving, life or death. Water is constantly influenced by our beautiful, motherly moon. The tides of the ocean depend on the moon phases and its workings, as all fishermen, devoted sailors, boatmen, divers and surfers know. It is almost a religous factor to them. So it should be for us all. Knowing this too, it is no coincidence that our moods change, like the tides of the seas, when the Moon is in her certain phases. Funny how the words ‘Moon” and ‘mood’ are rather similar – coincidence? Our bodies contain so much Water, how could we not be influenced? Even a woman’s menstrual cycle is effected by the Moon.


The Moon in herself, is a very motherly figure. The Sun is her Yang and she, the Yin. Maculine and Feminine. The element of Water, no doubt has a close connection with the Moon, but more about the Moon in a later part of the Elements chapter.


Your Sacral Chakra is the ‘bowl’ which holds all your emotions and experiences. It also has the power to release these, through creativity and birth of new ideas. Just as Water has the power to destroy or reguvinate and make new. Where do you think adages like, “A wave of relieve just crashed over me.” or “A feeling of peace washed over me immediately.” ? It’s no coincidence that this is the effect that the energies of Water has over humankind and all of nature. It relieves, releases, cleanses, heals and nurtures.


As your Sacral Chakra also governs your capacity to except the FLOW of life and in physical terms, your flexibility, it gives you the potential to go along with the daily events of life and steer away from being rigid and stubborn, not wanting to go with the flow and trying to go against the grain. This is one of the most intense qualities of Water (among hundreds!). When you feel you need to live a little, go with flow and enjoy what life is doing, instead of being a control freak and trying to maintain your own ‘idea’ of flow, go for a dip in the ocean, just float on the surface and feel your body moving with the flow of the tides, not fighting but enjoying the movements and letting go, giving into the natural flow of life.

Water is there to do just this. It is there to calm, release and balance your emotions, as well as to remind you that you have them if you are one of those souls who like to tuck them in your sleeve.


As the Chakra linked to the Sacral, is the Throat Chakra, because of it’s functions of release, creativity, communicatin and expression, it is also linked to the element of Water. Water represents communication and expression. You can see this as communication between any two people or more, it is a constant flow of expression an release.


Water embodies traits and qualities like freedom and independence. This is no wonder, as when you look at Water, it is free, independant and flows only as it wishes. Water is healing in the aspects it possess to completely create, due to the destruction and ending of prior things.


We use Water to shower and clean ourselves, and this is no coincidence…


SECRET:  Water literally washes all other energies which we accumilate during the day from outside influences, besides our own, away. It leaves you and washes down the drain at your feet. Your energies, when releived of the burden of other accumilated vibrations, will contract within your body until a few moments after. Your own energies, then once again ingulf your body. This is your aura. Why do think you feel exhausted and drained after a shower or bath, then suddenly have loads of energy a few minutes later? Water really does cleanse us of more than physical dirt, but also energetic, vibrational dirt that we accumilate. Authorities and policemen use Water guns and sprays to calm down protesting crowds or conflicts in the streets, and guess what? It works every time. So, next time you have a bath or shower, keep this in mind. See those nasty energies you’ve accumilated from your boss or people in traffic just wash away, leaving your enegies, as well as your body literally clean and cleansed.


Thus, this stunning element of Water represents cleanliness and purity, innocence and virginity. Water is a force which changes everything around it (physically, spiritually and emotinally). Water itself is constantly changing, but always remains the same, a beautiful embodiment of the constant pulse of life.

There are many different qualities of Water and many reasons to harness its energies. We all need the element of Water close to us in daily life, as everything it stands for is a necessity to our well being on every level. I would suggest intensifying its energies and harnessing them for healing, especially. Otherwise, you should invite Water into your life when:



v  you need to calm an agitated or chaotic state in someone or some place

v  you need to communicate well and clearly

v  you need a feeling of peace, detachment and relaxation

v  you feel you need to quieten your mental activity

v  you feel you need to heal mental, emotional and physical pain

v  you need any kind of healing (yourself and others), also to speed up the natural healing process of the body

v  you need to release something(mentally/emotionally/physically)

v  you need solitude

v  you feel you need to become accustomed to the natural flow of things and become more in tune with it (including changing your perception)

v  there is a lack of flow and movement in your life

v  you feel you need relief

v  you need the emotional and mental strength to see an end to something in your life

v  you feel you need to cleanse yourself on any level

v  you need creative inspiration


Here are a few fun and simple ways in which to invite the ever nurturing element of Water into your life and learn to keep it!:




This exercise (the Baddah konasana) can be done pretty much anywhere you feel closest to the element of Water. As we aren’t all so lucky to live near a sea, dam or river. If you have a Water feature in your home, a spot somewhere near it would be ideal. Although, not to worry. You can do this exercise after a shower or bath, with your hair still being a bit wet, which would give you just that little bit of an extra feeling of closeness to this element. If none of the above are relevant to you or tickle your fancy, personally, it’s perfectly fine as well. The only must is that it is a spot facing to the west – the corresponding direction of Water. Perfectly doable, I’d say.


First and foremost, friend, go to your kitchen and pour yourself a glass of fresh Water. Now, glug it down and imagine your entire body being engulfed in its cleansing properties and its flowing, calming nature. Done? Great.


When you have found that appropriate spot, stand facing west and close your eyes. Still your mind and breathe slowly and calmly. On your in breath, imagine breathing in the calmness of a deep blue, cleansing and flowing ocean and feel it flow down through your mind and body. On your out breath, see grey smoke coming out of you and leaving you. This grey smoke contains all the stresses and worries you have within you. It contains negative thoughts and unnecessary mental activity that is harmful. Imagine that grey smoke leaving you and your body as you breathe out. See it rise up into the atmosphere, far away from you, and disappear completely where it can no longer harm. Do this breathing a few times over, until you feel completely relaxed, content and still.


Slowly lower yourself to sit on the floor, bending your knees outward. Keeping your back comfortably up straight, let your knees fall outwards, allowing the soles of your feet meet. Do not try and press your knees to the ground, that isn’t the point of this exercise. Remember, all exercises and stretches should be totally comfortable to allow the free flow of energy. Now, move your feet as inward and close to you as is comfortable for you. Place both your hands over your feet or toes that have met in front of you. Concentrate on your breathing – being slow, comfortable and peaceful. Empty your mind and only let thoughts of the qualities of Water enter. Qualities like release, flow, renewal, purification, healing and its cleansing nature. Imagine a stream of that amazing Water running through your body freely, as your energy should, washing over and through your whole being – mind and body. Visualize all the Water exiting at the point of your Sacral Chakra (just above your pubic bone, beneath your navel), allowing all your stresses and emotional tension to be released and your body and mind cleansed by the constant flow of the stream. Hold this pose as long as comfortable and as long as you feel you need to – and trust me, you’ll know! –  then release.


Remember to always thank the Water and ground yourself with an exercise on page 126 once more.

The benefits of  doing this exercise every day are endless, and you should find yourself more receptive, creative and you’ll establish a certain flow in all your activities.





Now that you’ve got that energy in your mind and body blissfully flowing, it’s about time to get that creativity flowing. And what better outlet than decoration in the name of Water itself?


As you’ve seen in the list on page 193, there are hundreds of items and physical correspondences of Water, which you can use to incorporate the energy of this element into your life and home. It is completely up to your own personal preference and taste. Most common is a bowl of Water or any container of Water – preferably transparent so that your naked eye is able to actually see the Water when passing by. Other lovely items are pictures of dolphins, whales and fish. Then, of course, there are Water features. I have always had a magnetic fondness for Water features and they are a lovely investment, if you are so financially inclined (if not, you should a bit more Earth in your life and ask for abundance, growth and prosperity!). Shells are also a lovely decoration for anywhere in the home. Most window sills would greatly appreciate a shell or two to perk them up!


Once you’ve found and gathered your ‘Water items’ , find a place in your home facing the west and arrange them in your newly created ‘Water space’. Play with the items and think of all the wonderful qualities of Water – creativity, regeneration, self exploration, movement, healing, feeling, releasing emotions, flexibility, cleansing, receptivity, subconscious, inspiration. Then see and feel these traits within each item radiating these energies constantly. Whatever your chosen items, find little places within your home to put them. You can place them all over – wherever you feel you will notice and see them in the places you think suit best for your daily routines.

Throw blue cloths over the couches or a table, change those brown drapes to a beautiful calming blue. You’ll feel the effects in no time!


Whenever you feel the need for the energies of Water in your life, spend some time in your ‘Water space’ and feel the energy running through your mind, body and home. Life is a constant flow, after all, and only when we release, create and heal, can we float gracefully with the natural flow of things and live a little!


Brightest blessings,



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