THE ELEMENTS: Energies and Channeling – 01/02/2012

Energies and Channelling – 01/02/2012


Before we continue on to learn in the next posts how to invite and incorporate the natural elements into your life and your physical body, in order to live in harmony with them, maintain a healthy balance and weave all kinds of miracles for yourself and those around you, you must, of course, gain a good understanding on how to firstly harness, channel and connect to these certain natural qualities and energies which you’d like to acquire. This process is most commonly called channelling. Now, it’s got nothing to do with remote controls or televisions and although the word alone may seem intimidating at thought of actually doing it, I swear to you, friend, channelling is exhilarating, fun, easy and rewarding. Not to mention super dynamic and versatile when it comes to where, when and what one can use it for.


As we very well know (due to my continuous rambling and emphasis on it), everything has an energy or certain vibration. Everything. Even inanimate objects can be charged with a specific energy! Energy can be transferred from one person to another, or channelled from the outside through one person to be transferred to another. You can even charge your dining room or kitchen with any desired energy for that big dinner party you’re throwing! And yes, this also applies for that rowdy energy that is desired in the bedroom on a special occasion or those romantic nights.

Channelling can be done with or without tools. I mix and match to what suits my situation and I suggest you do too, to try out what you like best and what works comfortably for you. These ‘tools’ could be anything – from a stick or branch to a long rock or crystal. The point is for it to be relatively long and something you are able to hold in your hand. The tools, however, are the least important thing and channelling works just as well with or without them. I seldom use tools and find that most people prefer using only the visualisation techniques.


Channelling works with energy only, and that makes nothing less than perfect sense, as everything IS only energy. Be it a thought, a thing, actual moving energy or a living person. Like I said, tools are an option but, are not compulsory. The majority of techniques are well supported and almost intensified by using only your hands to make gestures and direct the energy whilst visualising it. Now, everyone has what we call an energy dominant hand. This is the hand that is more sensitive to energy and a lot of the time you will be able to physically feel sensations of certain energy passing through this hand as you go along using different techniques. Here is a quick exercise to find out which of your hands is your energy dominant hand:


v  Place your hands in front of you, “facing” each other palm to palm. As if to pray.

v  Then, without a second thought, let all your fingers interlock with one another.

v  Look at your hands and see which thumb is on the outside. The hand of which thumb is on the outside “holding down” the other thumb is your energy dominant hand.


It is suggested that in channelling exercises, using your energy dominant hand is more effective. Although, I prefer using both simultaneously. Do remember that your energy dominant hand isn’t always necessarily your physically dominant hand. For instance, if you are right-handed it may not be your right hand, and vice versa. One fact, though, defies either of these facts. We all have energy going in and out of our bodies continuously, every minute of the day or night. Your left hand is always the receiving hand which takes in energy and is more receptive. Your right hand will always be the giver and will be dispersing more energy outward than receiving it. This is why most people still greet one another and shake hands using their right hand, so that they “give” of their own personal energy as if to say, “Hello! This is me! This is what I am made of.”. So, next time you shake hands you may use the common right hand, or you could become comfortable with the knowledge of your energy dominant hand and use that one to be more sensitive to the other person’s energies and get a “feel” for them.


Channelling is a blend of intent, visualisation and directing. Visualising the energy, feeling the energy and its contents and mentally directing it from one place to another. There are many various visualisation exercises out there to use, but I find that sometimes they are too generalising. Making up your own visualisation techniques in your mind’s eye with your own knowledge of what you are trying to achieve, can be way more fun and is just that much more unique and personal.

In the following chapter I have included some channelling exercises to assist you in inviting the energies of the natural elements into your life and I hope you will play around with the techniques to mix and match and create your own as soon as you are comfortable with the idea.

Just as a taster, let me give you an example of an exercise:


If you feel you need the qualities of joy, contentment, confidence and personal power, or a more masculine energy, it would be an energy corresponding with the Solar Plexus Chakra. At first thought, a place to channel such energy from would be the Sun, so let’s go with that.

Once you have found an appropriate and quiet place, stand straight and relax. You may even want to light a candle for the reminder of the energy of the sun and it’s fiery core. Still your mind and breathe slowly and calmly. On your in breath, imagine breathing in calmness and serenity and feel it flow through your mind and body. On your out breath, see grey smoke coming out of you and leaving you. This grey smoke contains all the stresses and worries you have within you. It contains negative thoughts and unnecessary mental activity that is harmful. Imagine that grey smoke leaving you and your body as you breathe out. See it rise up into the atmosphere, far away from you, and disappear completely where it can no longer harm. Do this breathing a few times over, until you feel completely relaxed, content and still.

Now, imagine the Sun. See it in your mind and think of those qualities of joy, contentment and confidence shining bright within it. Now, see a band of brilliant yellow light(energy) carrying all those qualities within it, coming down from the Sun towards you. Feel it gently enter through the top of your head and make its way down to the area of your Solar Plexus (just below your ribcage, around your upper abdomen) and stop there. You see and feel this shining bright ball of energy there within you holding all these qualities. Picture the ball growing smaller as you feel the energy seeping into your own body until you can’t see it anymore. You can do an exercise like this as many times in a row as you see fit. When you feel the time is right, open your eyes, thank the Sun and ground yourself with a Base Chakra exercise to balance out your energies.


It is extremely important to ground yourself after a channelling exercise to prevent you from being too ‘up in the clouds’ or too grounded. Too much of either one is bad, as it creates instant imbalances.

Channelling from one person to another or channelling from, for instance the Sun, through yourself to another person or thing works in exactly the same way, and that’s when things get fun for you to play around with some of your own techniques to find out what you feel works best.



We’ll begin with inviting the elements one by one into your life over the next few weeks.


Brightest blessings,







Karmic release – 14/01

Karmic release – 14/01

I have decided to share something that I, myself, experienced one day during my holiday over the festive season (On that note, I must apologize for my absence and not updating this blog as frequently – but be warned, I am back in the fullest of force in all love and light!).

I have always suggested performing a karmic release to many of my clients, and have excitedly done so for them. I have been blessed enough to see them reap the benefits in front of my own eyes and see the drastic and positive changes in their lives due this release. Although, for some reason, the thought never occurred to me to do a karmic release on myself. (Blinded by the light!)

Definition of ‘karma’
1. (noun) karma
(Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person’s actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation.
– Princeton’s WordNet
1. (noun) karma
one’s acts considered as fixing one’s lot in the future existence. (Theos.) The doctrine of fate as the inflexible result of cause and effect; the theory of inevitable consequence.
– Webster Dictionary
1.  karma
the unbroken sequence, according to the Theosophists, of cause and effect, in which every effect is regarded the cause of the next.

-The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Now, we all understand karma in our own way and refer to it when we ‘misplace’ and eventually lose that 20 rand note somewhere and we remember that we ignored the bum on the street the other day and didn’t help him with a coin or two … more than once. This is a basic example and is almost wrong but, for now, it’s all we need to work with. Karma is most definitely not only accumilated and returned in this physical life, but in many before and many after. Whether you believe in past lives or not, my dearest friend, it is nothing less than true. The soul is old. Your soul is (probably) old. Older than your “Earth number” years that you’ve been alive with this certain identity.

“The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy.” – Oscar Wilde


Have you ever had something happen to you (good or bad) that has made you ask yourself, “Why did this happen? I’ve done nothing to deserve this. Why?” and so on and so forth? I’m certain you have. Well, it may have been the effect (in the cycle of cause and effect) of karma accumulated in this life, or more likely a previous one. This is why we can’t see the reason for a situation happening to us, since past life recall isn’t exactly something we go out of our way to practice every day.

When a karmic release is done, you become free of the chains you have created for yourself in the past (this life or the previous) and truly become the author of your own destiny and be able to control what happens to you. Obviously we all have thousands of little karmic circles, be it the bum on the road that “made” us lose our 20 rand, or breaking a leg, because in some previous life were a carriage driver in the 1800s and hit a man in the road and broke his leg. Karma doesn’t judge. It is a universal law. Cause and effect. Whether it is a big cause, or tiny (insignificant seeming) one, it will have an equal effect. Once you release yourself from that which binds you to these causes and effects, you become free and are able to really live, without the effects popping up to mess your plans or your goals. Remember that it applies to good and bad karma.

The metaphysics of karma work in a never ending cycle (unless it is released) of cause and effect, cause and effect. Dave hurts Sarah, then Sarah hurts Dave because he hurt her (whether in this life or the next). Dave hurts Sarah in the previous life, then Sarah, for what may be an unknown reason to her, hurts Dave (in another shape, way or form of a man in the same situation). After this, Dave hurts Sarah in the next life, because he knows she has hurt him, or he feels she is about to (intuition comes into play). This vicious cycle does not end until it is broken or released.

There are two ways to break the certain circle of a karmic cause and effect:

1)      Dave could decide to be enlightened by the universal karmic law and see that Sarah has hurt him and then, in turn, refuses to hurt her back and become a channel for her and his own karmic cycle in this specific situation. He refuses to carry it on, and then forgives Sarah. This has now broken the cycle of this karmic effect.

2)      Sarah could see that Dave is about to hurt her or has hurt her and wonders why. It then occurs to her, that she must have hurt Dave in a previous life and accepts that she deserves it. By accepting that you deserve something, and acknowledging that it exists and refuse to carry on the cycle, you break it and set yourself free.


The key is to genuinely FEEL that you have done something (good or bad) to deserve this effect of the cause and refuse to carry it on, through accepting it and moving forward. The universal law, then breaks.


This is an extremely simple example, but it is nevertheless a perfect one.

Dearest friend, sit down and really look at your past experiences and situations. Things that have happened to you and things that you thought you could not control. These things may hurt when you think about it, but once you accept that it was the effect of good or bad karma and you did cause it, you can then make a conscious decision to discontinue it.


I performed this on myself for about an hour, sifting through all the good and bad bits of my life until now, and my word! Ever since then, I feel I am free of the ropes that bound me to my previous actions and I can truly form my own destiny now, quicker than ever, because these effects don’t pop up once the cycle is broken. It gives you peace once you have also dealt with certain situations that you have been holding onto and serves as a real and full release of even your own emotions towards these things in your past.

Choose to not be bound, choose to understand and accept. Choose knowledge and choose your freedom. Because THAT is what you really deserve, isn’t it?



All my love and brightest blessings,

Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counselor

Port Elizabeth

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The Elements – 09/12


The four major elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – are proved to have dominated natural philosophies for two thousand years or so. From the early days of man’s existence, he knew that all matter was formed from these four elements, ultimately. The first set theory stating this, was developed by the Greek philosopher, Empepedocles, of Sicily. This theory – or more belief – did not seize to be practiced until the rise and popularity of modern science. As other theories, belief systems, laws and questions came into play, we began to look for a more complicated answer to all matter in existence. It couldn’t have been as easy as one, two, three, four, could it? Well, yes! Of course it could, but not for us – we won’t settle for simplicity. We love to make things more complicated than they really are.

Although modern science has given us many blessings in breakthroughs and assisted us in countless ways, we have, nonetheless, lost our connection with the natural elements and forgotten how to accept the simplicity that lies in all matter and the unavoidable influence they have on our lives. Even today, Earth, Air, Fire and Water are still very accurate symbols for the four states of all matter – solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Modern science has no doubt discovered new ideas, but in the field of Mysticism and holistic living, these elements are still of grave importance to illustrate and keep oneself rooted with the knowledge of the oneness of all things.

There are ancient symbols linked to each element and they are still used widely today in many belief systems around the globe. Some mystics and yogis insist that the symbols of the four elements be placed on the temple and various alters in their home. It is not uncommon to see Earth(sand), a bowl or glass of water, candles(Fire) and feathers(Air) placed together in one location in a someone’s home, to commemorate, honour and be reminded to keep the awareness of the natural elements and all beings as coming from one origin. I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘Fifth element’ at some stage in your life. This element is acknowledged by many belief systems and religions. It is commonly labelled as Ether or Spirit. I, personally, prefer Spirit. The role of this fifth element in our lives and in the natural world, will be explained in detail to you in the following chapters. Having a constant reminder of the influence of the four elements in our lives is vital to our mental and physical well-being. No matter what your religion, one thing is true in all of them – we are all part of one Earth. This is the truest, most magickal thought that can alter any mood and bring you peace of mind. So get a handful of some soil, a bowl of water, a feather and a pretty candle and put it someplace special to remind you of the amazing interconnectedness of which you and I are al apart of. Let’s explore this, shall we?

In my coming posts we’ll explore inviting the natural world into your life – for good 🙂

Brightest blessings,

Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counsellor

Port Elizabeth

+27 71 89 39 034

New Book – 08/12/2011

Dear reader,

I proudly announce the publication of my latest book “B.E(Biological Enlightenment)Human – Part 1: Chakras” on
You can read an excerpt on under “Health & lifestyle” and buy it on line.

Brightest blessings to you.


Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counsellor

Port Elizabeth

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Tarot meditation reading – 07/12

Tarot meditation reading – 07/12/2011

Seeker (The High Priestess)

“Take personal responsibility. Your body is trying to give you a message. Listen to it. Look inside for answers.”

When running through daily life, many of us are driven by routine and we give ourselves little time to sit back and look from the outside, in because, we are always too involved with the ‘out’ and the on goings outside of us and around us. In this week, it is time for decision making and making certain the choices are true by looking to yourself for the advice and answers, instead of looking at the outside shells of situations.

It’s time to weigh up options and see the true potential in things that concern you (or have been concerning you for a while) and stepping aside to let your higher mind lead and guide you to what the best outcome would be. Looking inside for the answers is just another way of saying ‘you already know what the answer is’. This couldn’t be more true! The key right now, is to stay inactive and still your thoughts in order to gain and access your higher consciousness (ie THE CORE YOU). First listen, observe, contemplate with a discerning frame of mind and the answers will surely come to you – and damn fast at that!

What many of us don’t realize is that we already have all the knowledge within our bodies ad subconscious – we just need to access it. This is such a beautiful blessing we have! Imagine a world where you could ask yourself any question and you would receive an answer just like that! We have the ability to have it that easy, but it takes time and practice. You have stilled and blocked your higher mind for so long by responding to outside situations hastily, living outside of yourself. I know it’s difficult, between the car pool, work, the kids’ lunches, picking up the dry cleaning, fixing the light that fused in the lounge and still having to look after yourself, but when you have a question or choice to be made, take a moment. Still your mind and close your eyes. Find yourself standing inside your body and mind, away from outside stimulus and ASK YOURSELF. You will be amazed at what you hear. It’s all there and it’s all you, just ask.

Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counsellor

Port Elizabeth

+27 71 89 39 034


Our creative craving – 05/11

Our creative craving – 05/12/2011

 I am almost certain that everyone has at least one talent. Talents ranging far and wide – from painting to giving advice, from writing to fixing cars. Whether or not you aware of it, you do have one – or many! Talents bring us joy because, we are creating something of our own and putting it in the world. Whether it is just one sentence you created and felt good telling someone, or a painting you have embarked on.

 Have you ever found yourself in the office (or anywhere for that matter!) randomly doodling on a piece of paper? This usually happens when there is too much emotional noise happening within you, or most commonly when you are stressed or worried. Sometimes, it may even come across as boredom, but it is not so – even when we are ‘bored’ your subconscious emotions and thoughts are still flowing or raging (most of the time they are doing both). Our body and subconscious initiate this creative process because, that is the way we release stress and build ups of emotional tension. So, go on and doodle away!

Creativity and emotion are governed by the Sacral Chakra, which is situated just above your pubic bone. It’s physical correspondences are mainly the kidneys and reproductive organs. Emotional experiences are held here in the form of energy, and its way of releasing that energy is through creativity. When you think about the reproductive organs, they serve to bring new life into the world, and we as humans crave that. We crave to create and bring into existence. How do you feel after you have written a poem, finished a painting or spoken a few amazing words (of your own) into the world? Great, don’t you? You feel lighter, you feel like you’ve accomplished and brought new creativity into being. You feel this way because, you are letting out those pent up energies holding emotional stress or trauma out of your body and turning it into something new. It is within our human condition to create, we crave to. We need to in order to maintain flow and prevent blockages, build ups and nasty stresses from taking control over our bodies and emotions. What goes in, must come out, and when there is too much ‘in’, it will find a way out!

So, when you feel stressed, pick up that paint brush or pen. When you feel emotionally drained or tense, pick up that guitar, friend! Create! Only once you can maintain the healthy ebb and flow of your emotions by doing this, will it be your adopted creative nature. With this nature, you are nurturing every aspect of your being – not to mention giving yourself a break! Satisfy the craving. We were born to create.

Brightest blessings,


Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counsellor

Port Elizabeth

+27 71 89 39 034

Tarot meditation reading – 30/11

Tarot meditation reading – Wed 30/11/2011


Exemplar of Bowls (King of cups)

“Ever-deepening love welcomes the living spirit to Earth.”


We have all heard the saying, “There is always calm before the storm.” This little saying embodies the very nature of our emotions. Our emotions have a somewhat watery nature and act much like the tides of the oceans – they can be calm, serene and cleansing, or they can rage and wreak havoc when the tides are rough. What most of us forget is that the biggest influence on our emotions is ourselves. Our unconscious and subconscious thoughts have a million and one emotions and feelings locked away, which we rarely address and are aware of. These feelings of ours which we tend to ignore or lock away, have a huge effect on our actions, reactions, perception and most of all the fluctuation of our emotions. The key to breaking through this separation of your thoughts and feelings, is to become aware of the influence of your unconscious by integrating and looking deeper to find an equilibrium and constant balance of healthy emotions. This requires a discerning nature and unconditional love. When we practice unconditional love and are detached from too much emotional noise, we can begin to maintain that balance within our emotions. This significant change brings about a greater understanding of the self and promotes you to go forward into the world with unconditional love and a greater sense of self. What a lovely world it would be if we all could understand and control our emotions to see the bigger picture! You can feed this new found balance with feelings of acceptance and the awareness of your whole being. Being satisfied with life and truly feeling that it is rewarding to be alive and in action, introduces a greater flow into your life, and in turn, the world. So, choose to be discerning, get to know and accept your deepest emotions to move forward in unconditional love because, the practice of ever-deepening love welcomes the living spirit to Earth once more.


Brightest blessings to you,

Isabelle Meiring

Holistic therapist and Spiritual counsellor

Port Elizabeth

+27 71 89 39 034

What ARE we? (extract from her book in progress – B.E human written by Isabelle Meiring)

“The human body is not a thing or substance, given, but a continuous creation. The human body is an energy system which is never a complete structure; never static; is in perpetual inner self-construction and self-destruction; we destroy in order to make it new.” – Brown, Norman O.

So, here you are, roaming around in this physical body. You have two long things coming out of the sides of you with funny feelers at the end that you use to do everything – called Arms and Hands. Similarly, you have two even longer things coming out the bottom of you that carry you around and balance you – called Legs. If you can sense where I’m headed with this, we can go further on and agree to acknowledge the head, eyes, mouth and nose with all their lovely little functions. Not to mention your internal organs which work so diligently on over-drive to keep this vessel of yours going. Often, I find, people don’t recognize and credit the inner (and outer) workings of their body as much as we should. Never mind take care of them as we should! I doubt whether  you can imagine my distress, but I’m certain you will in no time.

From conception, not just birth, all our organs, limbs, cells and everything we need to BE and function optimally start to form in the most intricate ways.  Our bodies as growing foetus’ know exactly what we need at a certain time and what we lack more of. We are aware if we are comfortable or uncomfortable in the womb, we can sense tension outside of the womb from the certain nerves that trigger changes or imbalances in the limbic system (a system that controls and registers  pleasure) in our brain and we also know when we are being spoken to in the womb, so we react as we see fit – move, tickle and kick.  All of this awareness in our bodies is made possible by our wonderful brain.

A useful and pleasant mental picture I like to paint to better grasp the idea of the human body is seeing it as a tree (inside the silhouette of the body). This visualization is surprisingly accurate as you have hundreds of thousands of blood vessels, arteries and veins that run throughout your body . They run all along from the roots of every strand of hair on your head  to the ends of your fingertips and to the tips of your toes. They carry all the yummy things like oxygen, blood and nutrients to whichever organ it serves best to its job properly. We all remember the grade 7 science class about the constant gaseous exchange going on within our lungs, absorbing the oxygen, sending it to where it’s needed and releasing C02 all the way back out through the same route into the atmosphere. And I’m sure we are all aware (if you’re not, then you may need this book more than you think you do – but not to worry) of how the digestive system works together as a whole so graciously by churning and breaking down all the food we consume, then moving it through the large intestine, eventually reaching the small intestine that absorbs all the good vitamins and minerals it finds through its walls, then sending it back through the bloodstream in the body to serve more of these delicate systems in other areas. What a damn brilliant thing we are walking around in! The sole reason and ONLY reason all our bits and bobs keep constantly functioning is by the “energy” we intake. Now, all you weight-watchers that check the back of the packaging of each food you buy, you will know that KJ stands for kilojoules – which means how much “energy” is in the food you’re inspecting. Kilojoules, to me, seem to be a made up unit of measurement (us humans just love to do that) to somehow convey to the public just how much physical energy your body will be experiencing after consuming said product – whether it remains almost dormant within you or if it is energy that you actually put to use. Most of these “Kilojoules” are actually just telling you how much sugar – natural or artificial – the food contains. Eat raisins and you’ll have a natural sugar rush. Eat chocolate or drink sugary coffee and the same will occur.  It hasn’t got much to do with actual energy. The reason they labelled it in that manner is because we all know that the only way to stop sugar within the body from turning into fat is to use it! Hence, we associate sugar with energy, because that is how we physically see the results through movement of the body. The real reason our organs and bodies are functioning is the result of us putting nutrients into our body through food – not energy.

I am convinced that life in a physical body is meant to be an ecstatic experience.”  – Shakti Gawain

So, if that’s not really energy, then what is, right? The answer is simple – We are. Energy cannot be seen. It isn’t a noun of some sort. It can be sensed, felt, pent up or dispensed. Have you ever tried to explain something to a person, but you just don’t seem to be getting anywhere? There’s that part of you that says to yourself; “Don’t waste your energy.”. It’s a basic, instinctual thought from your brain. You know when you are wasting energy, as you are dispensing it. You could be sitting in the lounge pondering on doubts and worries, or things that you know will upset you – you are then wasting energy on something useless to you (and your surroundings). So, you see, we can use energy without physically moving or doing something. You could, however, feel uplifted and energized after a chat with someone whom inspires you or when a friend gives you a hug (which I’m sure we have all experienced). Energy is recognized as certain vibrations and waves – similar to the workings in the wave patterns of your brain. When you are scared and fearful, your brain takes on a different wave pattern as to when you are happy , joyful or excited. In the same way, these vibrations can be negative or positive, useful or not, pleasant or unpleasant. That feeling you get when you walk into a room where there has just been an argument is uneasy and unsettling, because the energy that was just previously dispersed by the parties arguing is still in the air. In the same way,  that’s why they say smiles are contagious – the actual good energy being sent your way is. All energy you are exposed to, whether it is your own or from outside influences, registers in your brain so you can act however you think is best suited – through instinct and feeling. Your body registers immediately what vibration you are exposed to, sometimes it sits in your sub-conscious, other times in your conscious thoughts that you are aware of. What really gives things away is how our bodies are affected and how they speak to us. Every part of you – your internal organs, your skin, every cell – registers the energy being received into your body through your senses. There’s an age old saying that goes something like, “What the heart knows, the mind blocks out.”, which is so very true! Even if you don’t consciously feel the energy in a room or when you come into contact with someone, your body does. So as you carry on normally, your body is slowly telling the rest of you what’s going on, what it’s feeling and in turn, you realize it for yourself mentally. One can become rather sensitive to energies and much more receptive to the qualities of any certain energy than other people are. In these people I commonly find that their only difference to people less in tune or sensitive to it, is that they have – over time – learned to listen to their bodies’ moans and groans, acting on instinct and gut feeling, rather than keeping the mind and body separate from each other (which is the case with most of us nowadays), but acting as one being in unison – mind, body and spirit. It’s all there, and it’s all you – so start using it!

“All matter in the universe is made up of energy. All we are is matter. All we are made up of is energy.” – Albert Einstein

So, if the vibrations of energy affects the body so easily, what happens as a result to your organs and the bodily functions? Your body has its own subtle energies that are situated in different areas. There are literally thousands of them. Although, there are seven most acknowledged ones which are linked with the main organs and biological systems. These energies, when balanced and energized, allow for your body to function optimally. Each energy is situated in a different location of your body. For instance; one at the reproductive organs, one near the digestive system, and so on.  When they are lacking in their certain vibration of energy, it causes fatigue, disease and just about any deficiency or disorder you can imagine. These subtle energies not only affect your physical body, but also your emotions and mental state. (Like I mentioned earlier: If you walk into a room with a bad energy or atmosphere, you don’t only take it on physically, but you actually feel sad, angry or whatever emotion the previous person emitted in that room.)  Many times over again I’ve seen people that are exposed to a certain energy constantly, usually in their home or at their work place. If they are exposed to negative energy such as stress or constantly feel a sense of being under-mined, they have health issues mostly concerning the digestive system, because that one subtle energy body is being bombarded with energy of the complete opposite vibration, which results in an imbalance within it and, in turn, the biological system associated with it fails to function properly. These seven amazing little energy bodies that serve us so well are called Chakras.

” There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies. ” – Friedrich Nietzche

Brightest Blessings to you,

Isabelle Meiring – holistic therapist & spiritual counsellor

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